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 A good spot for Hat-Skirt Hockey (wide)

(9 April 2016; revised 30 May 2016)
Hat-Skirt Hockey
    This is a game for two players that can be played on a road journey, on a railway station, from the window of a café, or in any other public place.  My father and I invented it a few years ago when my mother was ill, to help pass the time while we waited for, and travelled on, buses to and from the hospital.

    The game inviolves observing the attire of passing pedestrians.  One player counts men in hats, the other player counts women in skirts.

01.  The total playing time is agreed, according to how much time is available.  A twenty-minute game comprises two halves of 10 minutes each, for example.
02.  The winner of a coin toss chooses whether to take hats or skirts first.
03.  For the first half of the playing time, one player looks for and counts men in hats, while simultaneously the other player looks for and counts women in skirts.  See below for precise definitions of the terms "man in hat" and "woman in skirt".
04.  At half time, the players swap ends, so the player who was previously counting men in hats is now counting women in skirts, and vice-versa.
05.  At full time, the winner is the player with the highest aggregate score.
06.  To be counted, the appropriately attired person must be seen by both players.
07.  A person may only be counted once in a game.
08.  If you are counting men in hats and you see a woman in a skirt that your opponent has missed, you are under no obligation to point her out, and vice-versa.
09.  Only ambulatory pedestrians are counted.  People are not counted if they are seated, or if they are in, or on, a vehicle.
10.  Cars, buses, vans, trains, bicycles, motorbikes, mobility scooters, wheelchairs, pushchairs, prams, buggies and skateboards are vehicles.
10.  Roller-skates and "heelies" are not vehicles.
12.  People wearing uniforms are not counted.
13.  Age is irrelevant.  No matter how young they are, so long as they are ambulatory pedestrians and not in uniform, boys wearing hats and girls wearing skirts are both counted.
14.  Helmets, hoods, bandanas, scarves, sweat-bands and turbans are not hats.

15.  Dresses and saris are skirts.
16.  An outer layer worn over trousers or leggings is not a skirt.

 A good spot for Hat-Skirt Hockey (narrow)

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